Fine Art For Hotels

AFEH has ventured into the hospitality space by conceptualising and producing fine art works for hotel interiors. We have been working with designers to conceptualise a concept for Hotel Public Areas and executing them in various mediums.


Our Projects


The challenge with Kolkata was to bring out the heritage of the city. We worked on themes like "City on the Move" and "Kantha" and created art works in mixed media for the Public Areas of IBIS Kolkata. Our works included elements such as the age old Rickshaw, the yellow taxi and symbols from the Kantha craft.




The concept for Coimbatore was to showcase cane and thread, the local handicraft in modern art. AFEH along with team TID conceptualised "Thread Art" that created patterns and figurative pieces using colourful thread. "Cane Art" was another concept that involved make installations with patterns produced with cane, rassi, cloth etc.




For the Hinjewadi projects we explored Mashroo and Mandalas. To get vibrancy in our art works we took inspiration from Mashroo textile and patterns. Using local motifs and Mandala designs, Hinjewadi adopted a splash of young and bright colours. The uniqueness about these works was that all these works had thread weaved into the canvas to show motifs and patterns that belong to the area.