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Since 2012, 'Art For Every Home' has been involved with projects from the stage of inception. Based on the a theme, a design direction is created and a complete concept is incepted before the architects even start building a property. From 'What kind of art is to go where' to 'Making sure the right art is produced', Art For Every Home hand holds it's clients all throughout.

Art Dealer


Once a design direction is finalised 'Art For Every Home' then brings on boards it's panel of artists to produce the art work to meet the expectation of the project. Works are produced in all sorts of exciting mediums such as art on canvas, thread art, mixed media, ceramics, wallpapers, installations, sculpture etc.

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IBIS Coimbatore
IBIS Hinjewadi
IBIS Kolkata
IBIS Jaipur (Refurb)
Taj Devi Ratan Jaipur
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